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  • Wellness Visits: ear, nose and throat check lung & heart assessment, abdominal exam, skin and extremities check, reflex and mobility assessment, weight and height check​

  • Comprehensive health and family history consultation

  • Medical Marijuana Cards

  • Depression and anxiety screening

  • Vision screen

  • Medical Weight Loss Program: Member and Non-Member options!!

  • DOT: Department of Transportation physicals:  Non-Member option $150  Medical card not guaranteed

  • Skin lesions removal and biopsy, warts, skin tags, abscess drainage

  • Urgent care/sick visits: rashes, laceration repair, cold and flu treatment, gastro-intestinal conditions, sinus and ear infections, allergy treatment, upper respiratory infections, strep throat, reflux/heartburn, urinary tract infections, sprains and strains

  • Quarterly/Biannual visits for chronic ailments: High blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, erectile dysfunction, BPH, Irritable bowel Syndrome, Asthma, COPD, thyroid, acid reflux, weight management

  • Contraceptive therapy and counseling

  • Medication management (prescriptions)

  • Specialist referrals

  • Substance Use Disorder/Addiction Treatment

Discount Prescription Medications

  • Generic Drugs

  • Antibiotics

  • Anti-inflammatories

  • Oral Contraceptives

Laboratory Testing

  • Cholesterol Panel

  • Sugar Levels

  • Metabolic Panel

  • Blood Counts

  • Prostate Screen

  • Thyroid Levels

  • Iron Levels

  • Chemistry Panels

  • Vitamin B12, D

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