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Is There a Place for Direct Primary Care in Municipal or Government?
Absolutely!  Municipal and government budgets are under constant scrutiny as costs to run our cities and municipal organizations are ever increasing.  Among these costs, health insurance expenses are near the top of the list, costing taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars annually.  So, how can DPC integrate into these sometimes complex budgets?  Phoenix Direct Care can stabilize insurance ratings by pairing our services with current insurance plans.  Instead of utilizing insurance plan deductibles and co-pays for primary care which creates municipality provided health plans as more of a catastrophic coverage plan.  If you don't use your insurance, then insurance risk ratings should flatten and lead to better leverage during the annual renewal process.

There may be employees who, by integrating Phoenix Direct Care for their primary health care, may see it more beneficial to utilize a spouses insurance, thereby reducing the governments budgetary needs, and in the end reducing taxpayer burden to your community.  As with businesses, we can provide on-site visits, for example 1 day a month for 4 hours which leads to less time out of the office and more time being productive and responsive to the community needs.    

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